Our Daily Prayer


For those who suffer from depression.

Please pray that my friend may know God’s love and mercy; that she may enter into a loving relationship with God, so that she may overcome her depression and addiction, and turn her life around.

Please pray that I’d be strong enough to carry this cross that’s been given me, that my daughter will be enlightened to seek help for her mental illness, that she will one day be able to lead a normal and independent life. Please also pray that that day will come soon by the mercy of God.

Please pray for God’s healing for a friend, in his 50s, who has esophageal and stomach cancer.

My dearest friend is in need of your prayers. Her husband is an alcoholic and she has a lot to bear as a consequence of his actions. Please also pray for him; he has lost his way and is in terrible torment, both physically and mentally. Thank you, and God bless you.

For the repose of the soul of a friend’s aunt, who died suddenly.

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That my friend be blessed on her birthday, with happiness and peace and joy. Thank you.

Please pray for my aunt who is in the terminal stages of cancer which she has lived with for several years. Also for her husband who is frail and frightened at the impending loss of his wife of almost 60 years.

May I please ask for a few more prayers? They are for: my friend who has complications from surgery a year ago. His cancer may have returned, he is full of pain. For another friend who has horrible back pain due to disk issues. His father also just recently died and he’s devastated. Thank you so much! God bless you all.

Please pray for a young boy who is drinking and taking drugs. He is 18, and has caused his mother and grandmother great concern. So many young men are unemployed and rebellious. They need hope for their future.

Praise God! My prayers were answered…yesterday I received a job offer! God is good!

All About Religion


aHave you ever felt challenged? Ever thought that you can no longer fight back with all the trials that seem to be going your way? Everyone passes this. Nobody is excepted. Even if we believe firmly that God is with us, there will be time when we will feel we are left all alone. You should never feel this way. It will do you great goodness if you join Faith Ministries who can straighten your trust in God.

Our faith should be anchored in His great love towards us. So many Christians have faith in their faith alone, as opposed to the One who is the author and finisher of our faith. The more you know Him the more you love Him. The more you love Him the more you trust Him. The more you trust Him the deeper your faith grows. It’s all tied together.

eweIt becomes easier as you walk in this complete trust and confidence knowing He’s for us and not against us. This is something that can be developed, we all have to grow in this. Don’t be afraid of messing up as that only leads to the very things you’re afraid of. You can be confident that even if you do mess up He will restore you and show you how to get back on track.

This certainly takes a lot of the pressure off. His Word tells us that perfect love cast out all fear. Believing that only God is the missing piece in your existence will bring you back to reality. You only need to let the flame burn once again and nothing will break you anymore. Sometime, we get overwhelmed with life’s surprises that we tend to forget that all these are temporary. There is eternal happiness prepared for us if we only believe in God.

Religion – An Overview


51685ce13c185.preview-620Challenges are present no matter where you go or what you do. Some people are strong-willed while others crumple easily. The difference could be because the stronger one has a firm belief that they can overcome these challenges because they have someone who can pull them up whenever it seems too much.

The other one could have been blinded because of the terrible pain he has to endure. Life is actually a daily battle. No one is left untouched by life’s storms. It only varies on impacts, and it it differs on how we dance to the tune it plays. God, they say is the only thing we need but most often than not, He is also the reason why some individuals decide to give up. They feel that He left them.

14363555-hands-holding-a-religion-word-sphere-sign-on-white-backgroundSome think that the Lord has given up on them, thus the reason why he should give up as well. If you are able to wake up every day, that is enough reason to believe that He is still there. If you can still breathe air and look at the sky, that is enough evidence that He still waits for you to change. With all the unscrupulous things you did, if only mere being, He could have turned his back on you. But the truth is, He is your ally. He is your father.

And He is your only chance to survive the many challenges in your life. Hear His call once again and find your purpose. Follow His flock and join Faith Ministries who can help you make the flame burn once again. These problems or obstacles in their divergent forms and magnitudes, schemed by the enemy, can be likened to the mountains and the worlds that need be overcome by the faith in the omnipotence and faithfulness of God. Just seek for His love and you will be back on track.